If you are curious about full midwifery care for your birth and haven’t yet initiated care with June Moon, please select Free Initial Consultation.

If you only need a single appointment for preconception counseling or well body care, please go ahead and schedule!

Free Initial Consultation

This is an opportunity for us to meet face to face and get your questions answered about anything related to midwifery care, your birth plan, insurance, and more.

(1 hour)

Routine prenatal appointment

For established clients - you know who you are!

(1 hour)

Postpartum Appointment

If you are not a current June Moon client and want to receive postpartum and lactation care, please call or e-mail first so we can make a plan together about whether we can help you and whether we should come to your home or have you come to the office.

(2 hours)

Well Woman/Person Care

Pap smears, routine breast exams, STI testing, and contraceptive counseling. I am not able to insert or withdraw IUDs or prescribe contraceptives. We might not need the entire two hours but I like to ensure there is plenty of time to answer questions and conduct the appointment at a relaxed pace.

(2 hours)

Preconception Counseling

If you are planning a pregnancy and want to check in about your overall health, nutrition, supplementation, genetic screening, and more.

(1 hour)